What is lex.ma?

Similar to .com or .org, .lex.ma is what is known as a top-level domain, meaning it is an extension for a website. However, lex.ma domains are only available to verified Lexington businesses and organizations, making their online presence identifiable and trustworthy to our community.

Buckman Tavern

How does it work?

Everything works with your existing websites. For example, if your listing is at Your website, simply contact us, and we'll get There are no recommendations for you at the moment. to point to your website with no technical setup on your end. It really is that easy.

The best part

With a website like There are no recommendations for you at the moment. on your sign, every customer passing by will immediately know the address—and your website.

Some examples

Finally, here are some recommendations for lex.ma domains you can start using today.


Your lex.ma

There are no recommendations for you at the moment., ,

→ Your website

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Thanks for your time.

Here's a summary of all the features of a lex.ma domain. If you have any questions, please contact us!


A short lex.ma domain is the perfect way to spread your listing around town.


With >99.9% uptime and HTTPS, your lex.ma domain will always work as intended.


With the lex.ma extension, your listing's full address will be its website.


Your lex.ma domain can start working in as little as twenty minutes, with zero technical setup on your end.


By being featured on your For Sale sign, your lex.ma domain will significantly increase awareness of your house.


For each listing, you get several lex.ma variants to use as you please.

Who runs this?

Lex.ma domains are administered by the Lexington Domains Organization, which was founded in 2015 by Andrew Gritsevskiy and Derik Kauffman.

You can contact Andrew directly at (781) 353-8889.